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Applications & Uses of PP Woven Fabric

PP Woven fabric possesses several significant properties, which makes them a suitable choice for various applications. PP woven bags or sacks are strong, able to retain their shape, can be put in washing machines, and are reusable, can sustain weather odds, highly chemical resistant, and possess high wear and tear strength.

Below are some of the known applications of PP woven fabric. Let us discuss how they are helpful in a brief.

For Food Packaging:

PP woven bags are widely used for food product packaging purposes. Its high resistance against chemicals and excellent wear and tear strength make them ideal for food packaging. Bags made of PP woven fabric are used to store and transport various food products. Rice PP woven bags, Flour PP woven bags, and maize PP woven bags are some of the common types of food woven bags.

For Agriculture Product Packaging:

PP woven bags or sacks are also widely used to store and transport agriculture products and fertilizers for long distance. PP woven fabric's exceptional properties, such as high wear & tear strength, and reusability make them a suitable choice for agriculture product packaging.

Potato woven sacks, chemical PP woven bags, and fertilizer PP woven bags are some of the known bag types used for agriculture packaging.

For Tourism & Transport:

PP woven fabric has a range of applications in the tourism and transport industry too. It is used to set up temporary tents and sunshades, among others. It is also used to manufacture various kinds of travel bags. Besides, plastic woven fabric is also used as fences and screens on the construction sites to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

For Regular Uses:

PP woven bags made of PP woven fabric are extensively used for daily necessities by a large population. It is used as shopping bags, as logistic bags, and for parcel and cargo packaging, among others. In addition, it is also used in shops, stores, malls, storage facilities, and many other places.

The reasons for such wide use and acceptability are its affordable rates, usability, and excellent wear and tear strength.

For Flood Control:

Bags made of PP woven fabrics also play a vital role in flood control. The PP woven bags are often used as a wall or a barrier to significantly reducing the flood forces. A flood can easily move boulders and other large objects, uprooting trees and destroying buildings and bridges.

The high wear and tear strength of PP woven bags can help prevent such high damage and destruction.

For Geotechnical Uses:

Besides these small scale uses, PP woven fabric also has some major industrial uses. It is widely used to construct roads, airports, railways, ports, buildings, and more. These giant structures need ground stability to ensure these buildings handle the calamities well.

The polymeric, synthetic fabric increases soil stability, provides erosion control, and aids in drainage control.

Other Uses:

Apart from these notable uses, PP woven fabric also has some special applications and uses. For example, these bags can also be converted into UV resistant bags by adding a UV protection layer to them. This layer prevents the bag from harmful UV rays and enhances their lifespan.

These are some of the notable uses and applications of PP woven fabric and its products.

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