How to Clean Digital Wall Tiles without Losing Its Quality?

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How to Clean Digital Wall Tiles without Losing Its Quality?

How to Clean Digital Wall Tiles without Losing Its Quality?

Digital wall tiles have pretty much eclipsed the wall colors over the last decade and have become a mighty substitute for wall paint. The tiles look beautiful, provides an extensive range of designs, complements the area, and adds a unique and attractive touch to the entire space.

Though, to retain its look for a longer time, it is important that you clean and cares for the digital wall tiles regularly. However, this doesn't mean that you wash it every morning. It will be enough to clean it twice a month using a detergent.

This blog has shared some proven tips and tricks on how to clean the digital wall tiles without losing its quality. We hope that these tips will help you to keep your home neat and clean.

How to Clean Digital Wall Tiles?

A. Sweep the Tiles Everyday

It is expected that you sweep the tiles once every two days. Just a basic sweeping will remove the dust and dirt from the tiles. But if you don't sweep or wipe it every day, the dust will start getting accumulating, and then with the help of air moisture, it will turn into grime after a time.

Besides, sweeping the digital tiles with a broom does not require much time. It would hardly take 10-15 minutes. Even the simple cleaning like this will maintain the shine and quality of digital wall tiles.

B. Mop the Tiles Every 3 Days

Unlike sweeping, you don't have to mop the wall tiles every other day. You can clean it every four to five days with lukewarm water. But make sure that you sweep it and remove the dry dust and dirt before you mop the digital wall tiles.

Always start from the top and slowly move down towards the bottom while cleaning. Make sure you squeeze the mop well and remove the extra water. It is recommended that you use soft rags or microfiber cloths only. The stiff brush or hard rags will develop scratches and affect the digital wall tiles' quality.

C. Clean the Digital Wall Tiles with Detergent Twice a Month

If you found that even after regular cleaning, some stains have developed on the tiles and is looking dirty, you can always use the detergent. Detergent cleaning is also recommended when you spill some sticky and oily material on the tiles.

First of all, in such a case, gently wipe out the material that you have dropped on the digital wall tiles using a soft cloth piece. Then add a small amount of detergent in hot water and mix it well.

Use either a soft rag or chamois mop and dampen it into the solution. Slowly scrub the particular area in case of spillage. But if you are going to clean the whole area, start from the top and move down to the bottom while cleaning.

If it's a large area, it is advised that you change the water often so that dirt doesn't get inside the grout and damage the tiles' quality.

Other than detergent, you can also use lemon juice mixed with water, vinegar, or saltwater. Whatever cleaning agent you use, just make sure that you add it in the right amount so that it doesn't tarnish the digital wall tiles' quality.

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